LIUGONG 5 ton 856H wheel loader front end loader for sales earthmoving machine


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In tough quarrying and mining environments, there’s no room for guesswork. You need to know that your wheel loader can easily handle all the strenuous day-to-day tasks with speed, economy and unending stamina. Your business credibility ultimately depends on your machine’s operating performance and with our new 856H you can be sure that your reputation in safe hands.


Our lights are designed by ourselves, The lighting is stronger, and its working life is longer.

Big space cab, automatic type, mechanical single joystics, easy to operate.


Electric heat storage can be completely dry burning, very cold when preheating in advance.

Our fire extinguishers are of export standard quality.


Our rearview camera is luxurious and is very upscale in the cabs.

Our Air conditioner is our original design, our own patent. The cooling anf heating effect is pretty good.


The material of our cab is adopted from the best steel plants, reached the national standard . It is very hard and can protect the operator' s safety. Our glass is bulletproof and thickened glass.

Our engine is powerful engine. And we only cooperate with the best engine factories nationwide. The engine is equipped with a preheating device, which is easy to start in winter


The oil tank. The inside of the oil tank is treated with pickling and phosphating, which will not cause clogging of impurities and ensure the smooth operation of each part of the hydraulic system.

The tires. We adopt Steel Brand Tires, which has 18 PR Nylon with standard rim, there is tube tyre inside. It is more durable.



Model 856h
Operating weight 17000-19300kg
Standard bucket 3.0m³
Gross power 162kw
Net power 149kw
Rated load 5000kg
Total cycle time 10s
Tipping load-full turn 10800kg
Bucket breakout force 172kn
Dump clearance;full height discharge 3100mm
Dump reach;full height discharge 1126mm
Model Cummins 6LT9.3
Emissions EPA Tier2/EU stage
Cooling system Charge air cooling
Length with bucket down 8357mm
Width over tires 2750mm
Cab height 3450mm
Turning radius;outside of tire 6205mm
Bucket capacity 2.6-5.6m³
General purpose 3.0m³
Light material 4.2,5.2,5.6m³
Heavy-rock 2.7m³

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Liugong CLG856H Front End Loader From China to Abroad 2
Liugong CLG856H Front End Loader From China to Abroad



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